"This is an insightful, moving film that helps to shatter stereotypes and preconceptions, and reminds us of the power of this seemingly simple stick ball game to bring us all together." - Ken Burns

"A rousing new documentary" - National Post

"you don't have to be a fan...crowd pleasing" - Toronto Star

"Excellent" "Fascinating" "Inspirational" - Kaplan's Korner

"One of those rare and enjoyable sports documentaries which prompt the viewer to re-evaluate their own beliefs." - Beyond Chron

"Hits a cinematic sweet spot" - Beyond Chron

"a thoroughly entertaining film" - Chronicle

"an absorbing visual experience... A true celebration" - Butch.Org

"fascinating and moving film" - Jerusalem Post

"Sensationally entertaining," - Bay Area Reporter

"A warm and enthusiastic documentary." - Los Angeles Times

"Fascinating, funny, poignant" - Jeffrey Lyons, Lyons Den Radio

"Strikes out a stadium-load of assumptions." - Variety

"Brisk, blissful and sharply written recap of a beautiful relationship. Good, smart fun." - SF 360

"Lively and enlightening" - New York Daily News

"Stirring, revelatory and affectionate. Jews and Baseball knocks it out of the park." - Newsday

"Affectionate, tough-minded... a sane, refreshing view of the American 'melting pot.'" - Baltimore Sun

"Fascinating, impressive, and charming." - Sound on Sight

"Has universal appeal to sports fans, regardless of ethnic background." - Entertainment Spectrum